“Play is the answer to the question, ‘How does anything new come about?’“ Jean Piaget

Presentation that impresses, informs and inspires

You would like to create a different and memorable presentation of your company and its products through interactive, educational exhibits? You strive to attract customers with children and are willing to go the extra mile in order to educate and inform your customers? You are aware that active living and play are the best aides when it comes to remembering and learning? If you would like to create an impressive experience for your customers using scientific studies, take a look at our readymade solutions and specially designed modules.    

Interactive exhibits FOR RENT

Muzeiko has proven expertise in creating thematic spaces and installations that inspire and educate. We offer carefully selected readymade solutions for different events and halls – inspiring interactive theme exhibits and programs that intrigue both children and adults.

Interactive exhibits on loan

Muzeiko has proven expertise in creating thematic spaces and installations that inspire and educate. We offer carefully selected readymade solutions for different events and halls – inspiring interactive thematic exhibits and programs that intrigue both children and adults.

Little Builder


Lost worlds

Customized modules and exhibits, made to order 

When you have brave and innovative ideas for advertising or getting in touch with Your customers and partners, for which the readymade solutions are not a good fit, Muzeiko’s team is at your disposal and will help:

Plan and put together a thematic innovative exhibit for Your company, which will engage Your customers and partners in a novel way, immerse them in an experience and enable them to connect with Your work; 

To create a memorable and active educational space for Your customers with children; 

To offer a new type of experience that informs, entertains and engages;

We draw on Muzeiko’s experience in creating interactive exhibits which not only provide a special experience to its visitors but also convey a desired message. Together, we will evaluate the needs of Your company, prioritize the most important messages you would like to communicate to the audience and endeavour to make the expected experiences become a reality.

Clearly outlined stages and duration of the project

Stage 1 - Analysis

Together we clarify goals, main messages, and target group of Your project. We research the scientific information that needs to be presented and consult the scientists of Muzeiko. We conduct a preliminary survey and intra-team brainstorming meetings. We organize focus groups to test the intrinsic aims and messages. 

Stage 2 - Creative vision

Conceptualizing content and design. Designing one or more visitor experiences in accordance with the objectives outlined as part of the preliminary survey. Creating a design of space and determining the functional and spatial position. This stage concludes with a summarized architectural and design documentation.  

Stage 3 – Coordination and design/modelling
At this stage, we gather and review offers from potential vendors who are chosen in accordance with your selection criteria. 

 Once the budget is finalized, we proceed to ordering the materials.

Stage 4 - Installation 

Logistics, planning and  installation of the modules on site. The production stage of the interactive exhibit concludes with real testing with visitors.

Stage 5 - Training of a team

We help prepare your team for customer interaction within the confines of the newly created interactive space, pointing out important details that will maximize the customer experience.

We are there in person and lend a helping hand to Your team before and during the opening or the launch event. We are there for you, drawing on the experience and good practices of science communication, organization and presenting of Your new project.

You can transform the communal spaces into lively and well-attended places with the help of


Offering an impressive, interactive and educational experience is gradually becoming essential for attracting visitors to museums, cultural-historical places, galleries and others. 

Contact us when:

You apply for project financing that offers support for socialization of a cultural-historical site;

You would like to increase attendance in a public museum or gallery;

You would like to create a cultural or educational center in town, which would attract tourists and cater to the needs of the community;

You are looking for ways to promote modern educational approaches in the schools in your community.

You would like to encourage the museums and schools in Your community to work together for the benefit of students;

WE COULD help you WITH:

Developing an innovative vision for a thematic exhibit to attract customers;

Developing a plan for animation of a cultural and historical venue, with which you are seeking an opportunity for financing;

Create a contemporary museum or rebuild an already existing exhibit;

Enable the cooperation between museums and schools;

Encourage the development of tourism in Your municipality and provide a reason to be visited.

Take a look at our work so far

Muzeiko has a successful track record in the creation of thematic spaces and exhibitions, which inspire and educate. You could take an on-site look at some of the grand projects, in which we have participated on a conceptual level, as well during the implementation phase together with municipalities – (Burgas Municipality) Morska gara/Sea Station and (Rousse Municipality) Bibliotechko/Little Library and business partners – The Mud Garden in Muzeiko and others.


Experts with a solid experience in interactive exhibits, with the help of whom you could impress the children and help them learn something interesting about your business or area of science!

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Bistra Kirova


Image Description

Alex Dimitrova

Interior Designer

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Vessela Gercheva

Programs and Exhibits Director

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Dr. Vladimir Bozhilov

Science Consultant



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